SPEAK @ Home Club, September 2013




So I am back-catalogueing here just a bit, but I wanted to document the gig I did at SPEAK in early September.

SPEAK is a night that is run by Vanessa Victoria and Deborah Emmanuel. What sets this night apart from other events is that the feeling created by the hosts is very inclusive and really makes space for anyone, whatever level of experience, to come and take the mic. The hosts are a close team and there never seems to be much confusion about what is going on. It reminded me of Sage and Time, run by Anne Le, Amy Acre and Richard Marsh in London. It was a pleasure to go up and do a mixture of old and extremely new material, and also to have the experience of a multiple encore, which those who know me know that is not something I easily deal with! Big thanks to Deborah and Vanessa- they go through life with determination and grace, so it was a pleasure to work with them. 

Here is a video of me performing that night,

and a link to the soundcloud file of some of the new work I did, too.



About Jasmine Ann Cooray

I am a poet. I am also a training psychotherapist.
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