Happy Birthday Marj!


Last July I was lucky enough to be ‘buddy’d up with Filipino poet Marjorie Evasco last year as part of Poetry Parnassus at The Southbank Centre. A poet was chosen to represent every country in the world and come to share their work and expertise at The Southbank Centre. This year marks Marjorie’s 60th birthday, so late last month she celebrated by inviting friends, family and loved ones to the beautiful Bohol Bee Farm, on the island of Bohol, The Phillipines. The resort is a stunning, peaceful and sustainably run business that focuses on warmth, self- sufficiency and also contributes to the local community in a number of different ways.


With the calming and steadfast travel companion of Alvin Pang as icing on the cake, I could not have asked for a more rich experience. From the conservation projects to delicious local produce, fireflies on the river, and the freshest squid I have ever tasted, the weekend was a beautiful escape to natural beauty and the joy of a group of people united by their love for Marjorie. Her birthday celebration involved poetry readings from all of us. in addition to a poem by a poet that we love- I chose to read Sea Swell, a poem written for her birthday, and Some Bright Elegance, the title poem from Kayo Chingonyi’s first pamphlet.


This is the kind of place that makes you question why you live in a city….







About Jasmine Ann Cooray

I am a poet. I am also a training psychotherapist.
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