The Invisibility Project


Over the last few months, I commissioned 12 artists: 6 visual, 6 poets, to respond to the theme of Invisible identities. I wanted to curate a collaborative project where emerging visual artists could respond to poets’ work and where it could all be exhibited together. As part of TAH/NUS writing residency, residents are supported in curating public events of their own creation and are given a budget to play with, which meant that all the artists involved received a fee for their commission. The work produced was really beautiful and it was fun to have everyone together in the same space, sharing and discussing about the work. The exhibition runs in the foyer of The Arts House until the end of this year.

the invisibility proj silly

Me looking very serious as Lisa Lip introduces the project at the launch.

cy rai

Khaleedah Sairi and Cyril Wong with their pieces


With artist Fariza Stromblad in front of her photographs and poem by Tania De Rozario

listing invis


Me, Pooja Nansi (poet) and Jessica Bellamy (playwright in residence at Grey Projects).


About Jasmine Ann Cooray

I am a poet. I am also a training psychotherapist.
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