Back in the London Fold

Hello all!

It has been a little while. I returned to the UK in Jan ’14 and have just spent a little time finding my feet and getting settled in.

Leaving Singapore was heartwrenching in a number of ways but I feel massively grateful to have been able to be there for such a chunk of time and meet people who I connected with on such a level.

So what is happening now?


I am working hard on my first full collection, which might be picked up by a Singaporean publisher but has also received some interest from a UK publisher too. It is steadily growing and it is exciting to see it coming to shape in some way. It currently tries to deal with themes of loss, bereavement, history, and also the identities we hold onto or leave behind.

Meanwhile, my first book everything we don’t say is in the process of reprint with Singaporean imprint Math Paper Press, having first been printed by Tall Lighthouse Press in 2009. The work in it is raw and speaks from a different set of perspectives in my (then) fledgeling life but I am happy that it can exist as a book again, rather than a dead end on a website. Details on availability will be up before long.

I have also been fortunate to have had a piece published in the Queer in Brighton Anthology, a collection of writings, experiential and creative, from the queer community in Brighton, on the coast of the UK. It features a diverse selection of voices and is available here!!

I’m also working on some different collaborations with music and film, but as they are embryonic so far, that is all I’ll say for just now…


What a vibrant spoken word scene there is in the UK! So much going on all the time! I had forgotten. Check out my Attend page if you’d like to come something soon!


I am working as a volunteer counsellor for Alone in London, which is a homelessness support organisation in London. Working with the young people there is a great privilege. The centre offers time-limited therapy and also other support/home placement services for young people aged up to 25, and they have a few satellite centres also.


About Jasmine Ann Cooray

I am a poet. I am also a training psychotherapist.
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